Hambord Du Schöne Stadt (Hamburg, You Lovely Town)

Hamburg you lovely twn,
Ch: Oh, my dear, my dear!
Hamburg you lovely town,
: O, my dear, my dear

'Twas there I met a lovely girl,
Who put my heart into a whirl,
: Oh, 'tis a shame.

I took her gently by the arm,
She looked at me but not with charm,
"D'ye think I'm that kind o' girl?"
And off she went in a whirl.

But I then turned on the charm,
And pressed two dollars in her palm,
And then the little sugar-mouse,
Led me to the front of her house.

"Wait you here, I'll return quite soon,
While I go up to my room."
For two full hours waited there,
My bones as stiff as old dead mare.

Boiling with rage I climbed the stair,
But I wasn't long in there,
Four men came and me they beat,
And bundled me out into the street.

Unconscious there in the street I lay,
They took twenty shillings - all my pay,
Thus the sluts of Hamburg score,
Still we return and ask for more.

Hamburg you lovely town,
You and your girls have done me down,
Two dollars, twenty shillings short,
All on account of a girl of this port.

English translation
From Songs of the Sea by Stan Hugill (1977)